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CosmoJaeger's Backpack Setup (With Drone)

Watch a video of the backpack gear walkthrough (Outdated)

What makes this great?

This setup utilizes SRTLA and BelaBox a custom encoder written by Rational_Sail on twitch BelaBox



  • DJI Mavic Mini 249g

This small drone, lets you fly in most countries without having to register or get a drone license. Although you are still responsible when it comes to complying with aviation laws. Check your laws in your country before attempting flight.

The way I manage to stream the signal from the drone, is by broadcasting the screen of the Mobile Device that is plugged into the controller!


  • Jetson Nano - Running BelaBox

Supports 1080p+ 60fps and higher. BelaBox supports bonding as well. A worthy lowcost rival to LiveU solo.


  • NetGear Nighthawk M1
  • Wifi Hotspot on Phone (Backup)

Nighthawk M1 supports a wide variety of Bands and provides decent speeds. I've experienced a few overheating issues with it lately however.

  • As my phone runs same provider, there is no point of me congesting the network. But with different networks, could serve for bonding.


  • Sony HDR AS300
  • SONY A6400 with 35-50mm and 110-155mm lenses

I quite enjoy the AS300 because it's small, supports a wide camera angle, and is stabilized.

I upgraded to the SONYA6400 because I was looking for a versatile camera, and this is what was suggested to me.


  • Røde GO Wireless
  • Røde Lav+


  • Main Power souce (50k mAh) (MaxOak K2)
  • 3x 20k mAh batteries, for extra camera power and for the Nighthawk M1

Possibly massive overkill, initially I designed the backpack with a Raspberry Pi Encoder and extra modem, but that tech is very complicated compared to the gain. Could leave out some batteries to reduce weight. I can run 21hours + streams with these batteries.


  • Custom written website for chat. ** Introduces Chat History, TTS, Macros (Think StreamDeck, but mobile) and various other shortcuts.


  • MIL-TEC 36 Liter backpack.
  • MIL-TEL CamelBack (3 Liters)


  • Robust Setup with tons of battery life
  • Easy switching between Cameras
  • Very Stable
  • Comfortable backpack for longer journeys
  • Uses H265 Encoding for less data cost


  • Nighthawk M1 has overheating issues and is power hungry.
  • Jetson Nano can get very warm
  • Very steep learning curve for setup
  • Requires SRTLA bonding Server