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CosmoJaeger's Backpack Setup (With Drone)

Watch a video of the backpack gear walkthrough

What makes this great?

This setup utilizes a Stream PC and a cloud RTMP service. You could stream directly to the Platform, however you would be at the mercy of the connection lords!

Wireless microphone lets you move anywhere nearby, without getting tangled with wires. Installed correctly, lets you swap between cameras without switching audio feed too!



  • DJI Mavic Mini 249g

This small drone, lets you fly in most countries without having to register or get a drone license. Although you are still responsible when it comes to complying with aviation laws. Check your laws in your country before attempting flight.

The way I manage to stream the signal from the drone, is by broadcasting the screen of the Mobile Device that is plugged into the controller!


  • Liveshell Pro

Supports 720p 30fps, anything higher and I would recommend getting bonding running as well. Which means more complex setup. (Go for LiveU Solo if this is what you want)

A bit more expensive Encoder, but comes with ability to scale the output with fluctuating network speeds.


  • NetGear Nighthawk M1
  • 4G Antenna with T9 Connectors for Antenna.

Nighthawk M1 supports a wide variety of Bands and is super stable, and provides decent speeds.


  • Sony HDR AS300
  • SONY HDR CX-240E

I quite enjoy the AS300 because it's small, supports a wide camera angle, and is stabilized.

The CX-240E is simply a handycam, that supports 54x Zoom, this gives ability to focus on something in the distance which lets viewers really catch that special glimse of nature!


  • Røde GO Wireless

The microphone plugs directly into the Encoder, which lets me swap cameras without swapping audio source.

I found that having a wireless mic has come in quite handy, and it lets me move about and still be audible to the audience


  • Shoulder Camera Extra (10k mAh)
  • Encoder Extra (20k mAh)
  • Spare Extra (50k mAh) (MaxOak K2)

Possibly massive overkill, initially I designed the backpack with a Raspberry Pi Encoder and extra modem, but that tech is very complicated compared to the gain. Could leave out some batteries to reduce weight.


  • HDMI Switch
  • HDMI Bends

Just to keep the stress off the cables as much as possible


  • Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC

Has 2 compartments, helps keep things organised quite well.


  • Robust Setup with tons of battery life
  • Easy switching between Cameras
  • Very Stable


  • Bulky Setup, can be heavy to carry around
  • Only supports 720p 30fps or less
  • Poor Connection can lead to delayed stream
  • Wireless Mics only have battery for about 5 - 6 hours

Final Notes

I utilize some custom written software to help me keep track of my connections state, and I utilize my RTMP providers solution for scene switching on low bitrate.

While this setup is expensive, I have found it to be quite worthwhile, having the right equipment for being out and about - Plenty of battery life.