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IRL Quick Start Guide

Here we will list briefly what you need in order to stream IRL on Android or iOS devices and the easiest way to get your feet wet.

For new streamers, it's normally best to just choose an app and stream direct to twitch through your phone data (assuming it's unlimited & unthrottled). This is normally the easiest way to stream, and you can find out if you need a disconnection protection service for your area afterwards.

Choose an App

Twitch App

The fastest way to start streaming is with the Twitch app. However, it does not allow control over audio and video settings. It is recommended to try one of the listed alternatives.

Streamlabs App

Streamlabs has the easiest way to setup overlays and alerts compared to the other mobile apps, however does has instability while streaming for long periods of time.

Streamlabs App is also now a paid service ($16 US Monthly) to remove overlays and gain streamlabs disconnect protection (untested by To avoid having to pay to use this service, you can download a previous version on APKPure - Click this for v1.5.89 Download (version 1.5.95 or later). After you install the old app, go to the Play Store and select installed apps, Streamlabs, the three dot menu in upper right corner, and then uncheck “Enable auto-update" to prevent the new version being applied again.

StreamElements App

StreamElements has an app, however in's testing has not been stable / reliable for streaming. It offers an attractive UI and features streaming to custom RTMP servers.

Setup Notifications, Chat, and Overlays

This part of the guide will assume that you've chosen the old streamlabs app to stream, as it's currently the most reliable and stable way to stream from a phone and have on screen alerts and notifications that we've tested.