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715209 - Has created many scripts to help out the IRL community, amongst the scripts is his most popular 'NOALBS', which automatically controls OBS scenes depending on your bitrate while streaming.
liveusolohq - Is the twitch channel for the LiveU mobile streaming unit
psynaps - Maintains a streaming server solution and chatbot that IRL streamers use to manage their stream remotely
reedog117 - Creator of
rollin7 - Works with Psynaps, TheRealShookOn3 is his stepson
sebbity - Created a real-time weather overlay many IRL streamers use
thegunrun - Creator of the ' gunrun ' streaming pack setup
tt2468 - Creator of IRLToolkit (streaming servers), co-developer of obs-websocket and obs-ndi
uJohan - Developer of the 'IRL chat' app