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MarmiteAvocado's Gear Setup

Full Setup Image

Clockwise from top:

  • RavPower ACE Series 12,000mAh external battery pack
  • MonoPrice velco straps with large elastic fuzzy strip for velco to stick to
  • DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal
  • Slik Mini-Pro III tripod
  • Samsung S9+ stream phone (with windjammers on)
  • Rycote Microwindjammers
  • iRunMe 360 degree arm holder (for chat phone)
  • Not pictured: Pixel 3a chat phone

Gimbal Strapped to Backpack Strap Image

Ignore the tripod, the Slik is now used in its place. This is the handsfree setup for scooter streams.

I also use the IRL Chat app with earbuds for in-ear text-to-speech so that it's less necessary to watch chat while on the scooter.

I stream RTMP to Twitch via an old version of Streamlabs that I downloaded and installed with APK.