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Information related to everything concerning phone streaming


The Streamlabs app is currently the best way to stream to Twitch on mobile. It allows custom overlays and custom RTMP options. It's not without quirks, though, as the app will act erratically, especially with prolonged use. Set up disconnection protection on your Twitch account ( > Stream Key & Preferences > Disconnect Protection toggled on) to enable the Twitch Bridge screen when your connection is interrupted. When the Streamlabs's connection display constantly goes from full signal to low connection, Force Close the app (don't stop the stream), usually by going to your phone's Settings > Apps > Force Quit. Reopen the Streamlabs app within 90 seconds and start the stream again to fix the app when in a better service area.


The Devices listed here are mentioned for their compatibility with the Streamlabs app, which is the most recommended way to stream to Twitch.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

The S9+ is the most popular option for IRL streamers for its cameras, reliable radios, and it's heat management. One quirk is that the front-facing camera constantly refocuses on the foreground. In the Streamlabs app click the Gear icon (settings) in the upper right > Camera enhance > Auto-focus > Macro, which should help the issue some.

Google Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 is not a recommended phone for streaming. The Pixel 3 features a built-in wide-angle lens which is very convenient. The chipset has issues with heat management in normal conditions and will turn off radios in order to cool down, so the stream will shut off unexpectedly or lag unacceptably.

Gimbals and Mounts

It's a good idea to use something to hold the phone. Gimbals keep the phone steady and provide a cinematic experience. Selfie sticks put distance between you and the phone. Mounts allow you to attach the phone to another object, like a backpack, bicycle, or car dashboard.