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RTMP Servers

Many outdoor streamers (and some indoor) use a home based or cloud based RTMP Server to help their stream stay online amidst changing network conditions. RTMP Servers allow for starting screens, privacy screens, low bitrate and lost connection screens, and can keep you from completely "F'ing" (going offline).

Paid Services

One option is Lightstream. It's simplistic, but costs $25 a month (or $20 a month if paying for a year) and will keep you from disconnecting and allow you starting soon, privacy, lost connection and ending screens. Don't expect a ton of features, and they do change anything you send to 5000 KBPS. If you need something simple, and can't run your own server at home, this can be useful.

Another option is to take a look at the (more expensive) services often offered from some of the techies on the List-of-IRL-Tech-Creators .

Setting Up Your Own RTMP Server

More info to come.