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PogU v2 Backpack Setup

1080P 60FPS HEVC + SRT (Oozebrood's current backpack setup)

Encoder: HAIWEI vision H.264 / HEVC + SRT Support + Internal Battery ($230) (this does not have adaptive bitrate, and would need additional modifications for support)

Camera: Sony AS300 ($230 Open Box) Camera Lense Cover ($35)

Quick Release: Kondor Blue ($50 set of 2, also utilizing modified 1/4-20 x 1/2in machine screws from local hardware store, as they aren't included with the set for ~$2)

Wind Prevention: Rycote Micro Windjammers ($15)

Cable Management for Camera:
Cable Router ($10) HDMI Extension ($7) MicroUSB Extension ($7)

Battery: ROMOSS 30000mAh Power Bank ($35) ~8 hours encoding on single charge

Modem: OnePlus 6T ($250 used)

Router: GL.inet Travel Router ($20)

Network Bonder: Not Needed - bonding is a meme :)

Bag: Mesh Backpack ($30)

Mount: Both the STUNTMAN Pack Mount ($30) + Sony Shoulder Mount ($40)

Total Cost without cables: $991